Hidden Sketches

Ever since I started doing crochet, I’ve been very active on my Instagram Stories. I post my finished amigurumis on my Stories every week. Dunno if you can call that active but this is my first time to personally share anything about my life on social media. An hour ago, after posting an unfinished Ice Bear, I also shared few of my unfinished sketches for the sake of sharing things that that are on my unfinished piles. I guess this is all because of the quarantine blues. Kind of also letting my friends know that I’m still alive.

Only few of my friends know that I actually like drawing and sharing those few sketches kinda feels like it’s a big move. It has been my primary hobby for a very long time now but for some reason, it’s not something that I’m proud of. I’m even more confident to tell people that I tried calligraphy instead of saying I “tried” drawing. It’s just something that I do because it makes me happy. After posting a few of them though, I finally decided to dump them here.

I didn’t put a date on each of them but these are my 2016-2018 collection of colored pencil sketches:

Reference photos for all sketches are from Google

Liebster as an excuse for not working

To be honest, I have a lot of drafts that are of question-answer type contents. I realize I’m not good at answering questions because I always feel like I over explain. So as a challenge, I decided to finally publish one.

Thanks Jolens for tagging me.

These are the award rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
3. Name 11 fun facts about yourself
4. Nominate 11 other bloggers
5. Ask your nominees 11 questions

1. Why do you blog?

I started my WordPress account when I was in college. When I started blogging it was mostly for my everyday rants and random spazzing which I know was better of as a tweet, but I feel like Twitter will expose my thoughts too much to my friends so I decided to become anonymous in my own world.

2. What do you like most about yourself?

I like that I’m independent. It wasn’t something special but I like that I do things on my own. Sometimes, I hate this “loner” kind of personality but most of the times it’s quite helpful (proven and tested during this pandemic).

3. What is one thing that you are very good at?

I’m interested with a lot of things but I’m not good at any of them. I’ve been in denial for the past few years, convincing myself that I just haven’t figure it out yet but I finally came to terms with myself that I’m probably just average on a lot of things.

Oh! I remember colleagues and friends would often tell me that I’m good at remembering things. I would often tell them about the stories they previously shared to me and they’re amazed I still remember the details. Or maybe I just have a lot of people with short-term memory around me.

4. What is your favourite song at the moment?

On Your Collarbone by Jordan Klassen

5. What constellations can you recognize when you look up at a starry sky?


6. What was the last Filipino film you saw?

Wow. I haven’t watch a Filipino film for a while now. I watched Miss Granny when my friends decided to organize my super smol housewarming party.

7. What goes on in your head when you solve 38 + 47?

8+7 = 15 carry 1, 3+4 = 7 then add 1

8. When did you last laugh?

Just a few hours ago, after rewatching Lee Kwang Soo’s acapella for The Lion Sleeps Tonight. I’m laughing while typing this.

9. What is your favourite alcoholic drink? (If you don’t drink, why not?)

Beer. And I’m drinking one right now. Hihi.

10. What has been your most expensive purchase to date?

Our house in Bicol. Still in progress.

11. What are you excited about?

Going home and spending the rest of the year with family. But more than excitement, it kinda makes me nervous though.

I don’t have that much blogs that I interact with so I can’t tag other people. Instead of sharing 11 facts about me, I’d share 11 songs from my Spotify’s On Repeat.

1. You Will Be Found by Dear Evan Hansen Cast

2. Is It You by Rachael Yamagata

3. Dick & Jane by Sidney York

4. Autumn Morning by IU

5. Nunu Nana by Jessi

6. Vegas by Cody Fry

7. betty by Taylor Swift

8. Dumdi Dumdi by (G)idle

9. 24 Hours by Mayu Wakisaka

10. My My by Seventeen

11. This Side of Paradise by Coyote Theory

August 2020 – Yarns

I started August with a desperation to go home. Living alone in my tiny apartment for 5 months without going out finally took a toll on my sanity. I’m dragging myself everyday. My job isn’t keeping me busy too since we don’t have much client apps these days so we kept on picking backlogs. I can’t even feed myself good food and I’ve been sleeping too much. So when I say crocheting saved me this month, it wasn’t just me being OA or anything.

On the first week of August, I ordered a crochet kit online. I had it already on my cart since the start of quarantine but for some reason I kept on delaying it.

I started out with crocheting small stuffs. The usual crochet patters you can find on Youtube – swatches, coasters, wallets, phone cases, granny squares. I almost gave up on my first few tries because I picked the wrong pattern with the wrong yarn and wrong hook.

The first finished project which I can call “finished” is a string pouch. I never thought it’s so easy. Way easier than all those coasters I’ve been making for a few days. Told ya, wrong beginner pattern to try.

After trying few wallets and pouches, I decided that I’m now ready to take on the main purpose of this crocheting journey – amigurumis. My actual goal in trying to learn crochet is to create cute amigurumis. As usual, I followed few Youtube as a starter. After the first whale (but looks like a butete), I tried out few of the free patterns from Amigurumi Today and tadah! I’m finally satisfied.

Few amigurumis after, I’m finally off on a new world where I learn about the different compositions of yarn, their fiber contents and how pricey they are. I recently bought a couple of yarns online which costs me 500 pesos only to find out that “good” yarns actually cost around 300-500 pesos for just one roll. Reminds me of that first day when my crochet kit arrived and I was amazed that it’s way cheaper than my art supplies but now, I feel like I might be paying for 500 pesos roll of yarn in the future.

The problem with this new hobby is that I can do this kind of stuffs all day. I can finish amigurumi and pouches in one sitting and I’ll realize after that it’s already dark out and I have no food and I’m hungry. It’s kind of addicting but it keeps my mind empty without necessarily getting anxious about it.

I also started to try knitting, just to see the comparison between the two. Short backstory, I tried knitting for the first time around 5 years ago. This first attempt was a complete failure that’s why I have a long 6mm needle sitting in my storage box – still with a price tag. I got a little bit better with it now, not sure whether it’s because I already tried crocheting or because of the new yarns. I’m still skeptical though. I’m not enthusiastic with the few finished rounds as I had with the crochet. I’m not sure whether I can dedicate weeks or even months for a scarf, or a jacket. I think knitting products are kind of a long term project and I feel like there’s more of a pressure since most of it are wearables. So I’ll probably stick with crocheting for now – more amigurumis and bags. But I think I also need to learn knitting to make those cute sweaters for amigurumis.

I’m still planning to go home though. The sooner the better, but I’m still scared and still torn whether it’s a good idea or not. But I really hope I won’t have to spend Christmas alone here.

One Day While In Quarantine

  1. Woke up at 9:30 just in time to attend the 10:00 am meeting
  2. Went back to sleep and woke up at 2:00 pm while promising self to work for the rest of the day
  3. Ate late brunch while watching series in preparation for work
  4. Washed dishes and cleaned sink
  5. Took a long shower because it’s better to work when you’re feeling fresh
  6. Finished the whole series I’m watching so that I can continuously work after
  7. Ate corn and drank Coke on the balcony to release stress
  8. Cooked 3 dishes after the corn break because there’s a sudden urge to try new recipes
  9. Added new items on my list of series I’ve watch during quarantine
  10. Had coffee at 11:00 pm
  11. Blocked Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to focus more on work
  12. Random dance and exercise at 12 midnight
  13. Took second shower at 1:00 am
  14. Made a new playlist that I can listen while working
  15. Decided to make a new blog post
  16. Failed to do real work at all while sarcastically congratulating self for being so good at this

Alternate Universe

There were times, random at most, when I would be scrolling through facebook and I would see a familiar name from my hometown. I’d end up digging through their stack of friends and I would found some familiar names. Clicking here and there would always makes me realise how I hate myself for being a loner when I was younger and still ended up being one at the present. I always have these mixed emotions when I see them on screen. A little bit or regret. What-ifs here and there. Sad longing for something I haven’t even had. And a lot of loneliness.

I’m sure I’ve met these people when I was younger. Some of them are my mom’s friends. Some are neighbourhood old ladies who greets us by yelling (pahagada daw gulayon; pagparahinigos na naman) at our house when they passed by. Some are kids that I would usually see on Santa Cruzan and town fiesta but I was too snobby and to shy (I admit) to be friends with. Right now, I’m trying to think how different it must’ve been if everytime I go back to Bicol, I have neighbourhood friends to visit me at home. We’d share snacks while watching TV, they’re probably close with my mom to and would always be present even during family gatherings. During fiesta, we’d chat about who’s going home or not and we’d have outings. I’d probably go to Simbang Gabi also during Christmas, someone would come to our house at dawn so we could go together.

A couple of days ago, my mom’s childhood friend reached out to me on Facebook and asked for her number. She’s courageous enough to reach out while there’s me who can’t even chat her few friends randomly when she wanted someone to talk to. My mom has a lot friends, unlike me. She likes people, unlike me. She loves organizing party and inviting people over, unlike me. Hay! If only I was a little bit friendlier and sociable.

Drunk Night

Josh and Luna went out for a short drive for a late night snack and they were already heading home. Luna’s drumming her fingers along with the music.

“When’s Scarlett going home?”

“She said she’d be home this weekend. But no Scarlett yet. That girl needs a break.”

 Her phone rings and Maru’s name appears on the screen. She swiped immediately. 

“Please tell me you’re not drunk.”

Josh knot his eyebrows. This is a new type of conversation he encountered between Maru and Luna.

“I’m not home!”. She argued trying to tone down her voice but failing miserably. “Lucas’ out. His car’s gone.” She finally whispered. A few sighs after, she rolled her eyes and look at Josh before dropping her phone. “Can we do a side trip somewhere?”

After an approving smile, Luna entered the address on the GPS, then cursed silently at her breath. “I’m really sorry. That guy – ” then curse and sigh “- shouldn’t drink when he can’t even get himself home. Sorry. I usually drive Lucas’ but —- ”

“You know how to drive?” He gave her a side look. 

“Well, I have a license. But please don’t tell Lucas I’m driving his car secretly. That guy’s impossible.”

“You like everything that’s secret, huh?” A joke but he looks too serious for it to be considered as one. 

Before she can even argue back, she looks out of the window and saw a familiar crowd on the end of an alley. She tapped Josh’s arms and asked him to stop. Before she opened the door, she looked back at him. “Can you wait for me and -” She hesitated before finally saying: “Don’t get out. Just wait for us.”, because she knows that Josh can clearly see a group of odd-looking men, circling someone who was almost hugging the ground. It was Maru.

Josh throws a concerned look outside and when he was finally about to unbuckle himself, Luna continuously tried to get him settled on his seat. “I know them, okay?”, he retreats and gave her a nod before letting her out. 

From Josh’s point of view, Luna just calmly approach the group as if she really did know them. And when she arrived, everybody looks at her from that dark isle and she managed to squeeze herself in. She hangs a dead-drunk Maru on her shoulders like an easy-pea mouthing some words to the group. Josh was anxiously drumming his fingers on the wheels, he’s waiting for something. If anyone of them starts touching Luna, he’s prepared to run out and latch on anyone of them. One of the guys, slowly started approaching Luna, they were almost one inch apart but Luna – no matter how far Josh was, looks like she was not taking a step back. And they’re even exchanging words or curses no matter what that was. 

Josh can’t take it anymore. He was about to open the door when she saw Luna pushing the guy away. It was a hard push. And the guy didn’t even fight back. And he stayed that way. Luna finally make her way out of the crowd, with Maru on her shoulders, without looking back, without even an evidence of slight fear that the men behind her could stab her if they want to. It was when Luna was already a meter away from the car when he went out and help her get Maru settled on the back seat. Maru was almost passed out when they throw him inside and he even had a black eye.

Luna was still cursing at the drunk guy behind them when she finally get settled on her seat. “Sorry about that. This guy – ” she glared at Maru. She decided to just sigh. 

Few minutes after, they were heading to Maru’s apartment. There were an arguable amount of silence. And for the first time, Josh wanted to ask questions. It was the first time, he felt like he finally caught a glimpse of what Luna and Maru are. Are they thugs? Secret drug dealers? Mafia? Who are those people? Are they on a gang? Luna did really know those people because if not, there’s no way Luna successfully went away without a fight. Maru might’ve been dead for all they know. And Luna never bat an eye when they were almost on the car. She never show fear or maybe there was none at all in the first place.

They arrived at Maru’s residence without waking him up. Luna knows the floor number, the room number and even the door password. She must’ve been here. A lot. She even tried to clean up the mess on Maru’s bed and drop herself on the living room sofa when they were done.

Josh settled himself beside her. He sighed. He must’ve been nervous and anxious and angry at coming up with no answers in his head. He must’ve been frustrated. He’s frustrated. It’s frustrating to have too many questions and never even had a way to ask those. It’s frustrating to be always curious. Especially, if you had been too curious for too long and there’s always too many things to get curious about every time you ignore it. 

“Do you always do this?” He finally asked. He deserved at least this one.

“Not a lot. But mostly yes. He gets drunk from time and time and won’t be even alive to bring himself home. And yes, I usually sneak up to drive Lucas’ on an ungodly time of the night – or morning rather, just to pick him up. He’s just got a lot on his plate. That’s all.”

“I probably won’t mind if I wake up at an ungodly time just to drive you somewhere to pick him up.” He waited for a reaction but none came. She just lay her head on the sofa and closed her eyes. “I’m saying, I think it’s – ” not safe “not nice for you to drive all the way out there alone.” 

She smiled, still eyes closed. She knew about the hesitation on the word he used. 

“I didn’t go out when you said don’t, so I at least can testify how trusty I am in keeping secrets”  Is this the right way to talk her into this? “Besides it’d be good to have some back up right? I can fight.”

She finally rose up and laugh. “We’re not fighting. Those are just some bunch of people we see every now and then. It’s not always like this.”

Another Friday Night at the Cove

It’s friday night. And after a long time, she’s been coming again for the friday cove event and it’s been her 3rd consecutive attendance for this month. Amidst all the rumors that she’s been hearing, she decided to come even if Atasha’s been whispering to her on the ride a while ago if she’s okay or if she’s sure she’s coming. And the thing is she is.

The cove is packed with people as usual. Mostly young ones dressed in colorful party clothes you’ve ever seen. There’s plenty of bar on every corner. You can pick whatever drinks your heart desires. The music is banging. The DJ’s on fire. Nana and Atasha spotted Rico and Shawn and they join them as they sway their bodies in the middle of the crowds. Still, every friday in the Cove feels like the best night of their lives.

An hour later, they went to fill their stomachs with beers and spot an empty chairs in front of Cole Beasts. They dig beers with their heart’s content. Shawn was making a joke, trying to be heard out in the middle of the noise. Nana laughs beside him. The DJ stops the music, and the host starts testing the microphone. The biggest event for the night is about to start. People scattered from the dance area, going on their own separate places, some crowding on Cole Beasts. There was some hissing and cheering and the host finally called out Ethan Chase.

Ethan Chase, standing on the stage, looking at the familiar yet foreign crowd inside, started plucking his guitar, and soon there was singing. Unknown to the crowd partying to his music, he was already at the party an hour ago. He was with his friends, Gio and Logan, drinking beers on the side and it was also an hour ago when he saw an old friend in the middle of the crowd. Her hands high up in the air, her hair flawlessly dancing with music and shit! she does glow. She glows with her dress swaying as she moves her hips and she glows as the familiar glitch of smile draws through her eyes. Ethan hesitated for a moment, struck for a moment, his mind currently reminiscing in triple speed mode and it’s as if the music stopped abruptly to catch his thoughts. And he realized then at that instant, that this must be what it feels like to be back.

Written earlier from publish date

I went to IULovePoemInMNL and I couldn’t even remember most of it

My stomach is still full of butterflies and every now and then, I still find myself staring at nothing during idle times of the day. Last Thursday, I was high with the Mobile Year End Party ganap that I’m still trying to remember which of the events in my head is real. The day after that, I went to sleep overwhelmed with the idea that I finally heard IU sang live. Anyways, I just wanted to sort out this weird feeling I’ve been having since weekend. I can’t understand how anxious I am about the Year End Party that it’s overpowering my happiness from IU’s concert.

The year end party was a mix of everything anyway. Mixed Drinks. Mixed Emotions. Mixed Friends. Mixed Personalities. A year ago, I was always hesitant to join the guys on whatever events they were organizing because I find them so uptight and timid and righteous. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that I can’t quite fit in. Last year’s party though made me open up a little bit to them that I started socializing during lunch and few overnight inuman sesh with the guys. This year, the social events I had can be counted with my own fingers that’s why I’m planning to let it all out during the party. And I did. Only to end up being too conscious about everything.

Did I talk too much during the party? Did I drink too much? Did I smell? Am I not being girly enough? Am I being too active? My thoughts were bombarding me with questions and I just couldn’t help but overthink about what I did. Do I have split personalities? I don’t know. I’m confused. I don’t often talk too much during working hours, but I like talking to people when we’re playing games, walking outside or when drinking. After the party, one officemate pointed out how he never thought I could be too noisy. Since then, I’m starting to be conscious about how I show myself in the office especially, all the girls in my team are timid, girly and quiet. I’m on the boyish side. I don’t wear the same dresses they wear. I’m more comfortable hanging out with the guys more than having this akward talks with girls. I’m the fattest, the ugliest, the smallest and the most unlady like of them all. I suddenly feel like I’m an outsider and I hate how tired I am because apparently, I had been putting too much effort into being friends with them.

But you see, if I’m not worrying too much about how other people would perceive my actions, I wouldn’t care at all because I know I’m only being myself. It’s just me being comfortable with them. It’s just me having fun. It’s just me talking too much when I’m with friends because I’ve got noone at home to talk to.

I really wish I can bury all these feelings anyway. Even if it means burying that night away. Oh and also, maybe because I’m shitly trying to get the attention of this specific someone that it makes all this event more painful. Hay buhay!

And because I was half-drunk, half-sleep deprived, half-anxious about the previous night, I went to IU’s concert not 100% prepared of what’s supposed to happen. It should’ve been so memorable. It’s my first concert ever and it’s IU. I enjoyed the whole concert, no regrets, all fun with dancing and screaming but oh boy, the moment the excitement stop I was back with the bickering argument in my brain fully disregarding the lingering music from the concert. The weekend was all torture. I woke up with this feeling where I’m trying to remember whether I really DID went to the concert but the events from the party was all clear. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I need to remember that concert but all was left was this self-pitying bitch whispering in my ear how I wasn’t able to control myself at the party.

I made this post not knowing what to write because I honestly don’t even know how to describe this feeling and the purpose of this is to slowly figure it out. And I think it clearly shows. The words were unorganized as my thoughts.
I’ve been wanting to write for a few months now. Lots of drafts and all but still unable to click that “Publish” button. Maybe, I just don’t want to populate my blog with random things like this one. And to be honest, this whole year is just a collection of random, unorganized things and it’s really hard to admit to yourself how uneventful the year was. Hay life! I’m just barely here.

Kanta at Mga Alaala

Kakatapos ko lang mafix yung mga latest bugs na kailangan ko tapusin. Naka-vacation leave ang QA na nakaassign sakin, kaya naman, self-proclaimed day of rest ko ngayon at kahapon. Nasa office pa din naman ako, iniiwasan ko lang i-start yung bagong features ng app na irerelease namin sa September kasi kapag sinimulan ko yun, sunod-sunod na ulit ang mga gagawin ko. Kaya naman, habang tumutugtog ang Reminisce playlist ko sa Spotify, naalala ko yung mga kantang pinapatugtog ko N years ago. Masarap pa din sa tenga.

Ito yung mga kantang kahit saan o kahit kailan ko patugtugin, ang dami ko pa din naaalala:

Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan
N’ung mga panahong ‘to, nag-eemo ako kasi feeling ko di ako mahal ng mga High School friends ko. Tapos nasa biyahe palang ako papunta sa UPCAT Exam Center kinakanta ko na ‘to sa isip ko. N’ung makita ko na ‘yung questionaire at alam ko nang kahit anong piga sa utak, wala na ako masasagot, kinakanta ko nalang ‘to ng paulit-ulit sa upuan ko. Hindi ko alam kung nakapasa ‘yung katabi ko. Pakiramdam ko nadisturb sya sa humming ko at sa paulit-ulit kong pagkain ng snacks habang nag-eexam.

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, You’ll Always Find You’re Way Back Home by Hannah Montanna
N’ung bata pa ako, gustong-gusto ko magpabili ng walkman sa tatay ko. Hindi naman nya ako maibili at hindi na rin naman ako nangulit. Kaya nung nagcollege, bumili ako ng mp3 at mp5, ‘yung nabibili lang sa mga tiangge. Ito ‘yung may 50 free songs kapag binili mo. May mga ‘di mabilang na araw, na mag-isa ako sa dorm, nasa top bunk ako at tumutugtog lang ang mp5 or mp3 ko. Ang sarap lang makinig sa mga kanta lalo na pag mag-isa ka at namimiss mo ang pamilya mo sa probinsya.

Love The Way You Lie by Eminem, Rihanna
Isang gabi, habang naglalakad kami ng kaibigan ko pauwi sa dorm, nadaanan namin ang isang grupo ng kabataan sa gitna ng Freedom Park. Nandun sila sa circle sa gitna; yung may ilaw. Alam ko brownout nun e, kasi di ko makalimutan na nilalamok ako. Tapos may naggigitara sa kanila at ‘yung isang babae kinakanta nya yung part ni Rihanna. Ang galing nya kumanta pero ‘yung tumatak talaga sa isip ko ay ‘yung mga panahong pakiramdam ko magkakaron din ako ng tropa na makaksama ko din tumambay sa Freedom Park tapos nagjajam din kami sa mga paborito naming kanta. Ngayon, nagtatrabaho na ako at sinukuan ko na ang ganitong mga mumunting pangarap.

If it’s Love by Train
May isa kaming Instructor sa isa naming Major subject na mahilig sa multi-media shits. Pinakita nya sa buong class yung ginawa nyang lyric video ng If it’s love na para sa gf nya. Sobrang lakas makapogi ng mga ganitong ganap dati. Dinownload sa youtube ng buong large class yung video na yun e. Tapos on random days, maririnig mo nalang sa hallway ng dorm may nagpapatugtog ng If It’s Love.

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Scripts
May HS classmate ako dati na lalake na sobrang close sakin. Pero di ko masabing close ako sa kanya. Ang sama ko. Haha. Pero di kasi ako masyadong clingy, though naappreciate ko naman hanggang ngayon yung friendship namin. Habang vacant kami noon sa isang klase at dahil magkatabi lang ang upuan namin. Tinanong nya ako kung may kanta daw ba ako para sa kanya. Sabi ko The Man Who Can’t Be Move. Pero ‘yung totoo, ito lang ang paborito kong kanta ‘nung mga panahong ‘yun. Tumawa sya sa meaning ng kanta, ang weird daw kasi moving on ang theme ng kanta. Tapos sabi nya “I’ll be” daw ang kanta nya para sakin. Hindi ba mas cringy yun? Nakakakilabot.

The Call by Regina Spektor
Hindi ko alam kung ilang besses ko tong pinaulit-ulit dati nung college. Favorite ko pa din ‘to hanggang ngayon at naalala ko pa din ‘yung scene na tumatalikod na ang magkakapatid para umalis sa Narnia, tapos lumingon si Lucy, tapos ‘yung ingay ng train, tapos ang ganda ng kantang ‘to. Huhu.

Makitang Kang Muli by Sugarfree
Hindi ko sure kung tama yung memories ko, tanda ko lang na themesong ‘to ng Panday (‘yung JerichoXHeart version). May part dun na kinidnap si Heart (as usual with the heroine) at ililigtas sya ni Jericho. Feeling ko lang, akmang-akma ang kantang ‘to sa scene. Pero mas memorable sakin ‘yung during that time na napakinggan ko ‘to, may naiisip akong mas magandang script ng isang story na mas interesting. Nakalimutan ko na kung ano yung plot, pero naalala ko lang yung satisfaction ko.

Mahiwang Pag-ibig by 6cyclemind
Noong unang panahon, ako ay dakilang fan ni Kim Chui. Ito ‘yung summer after ng Elementary days ko. Pinanood ko from start to finish yung PBB Teens Season 1. Nagnonotes pa ako. Nilalagay ko per day kung ano yung mga task, sino nanalo, anu-ano mga pinag-usapan nila. Tinatago ko din yung mga cover ng notebook or yung mga dyaryo na may picture ni Kim Chui. Nung pumasok ako ng High School, may kaklase akong pakiramdam ko kamukha ni Kim Chui. Gandang-ganda ako sa kanya. Kaya nung isang beses na nabasa ng mga kaklase ko yung notes na ginawa ko sa PBB, hiyang hiya ako dun sa kahawig ni Kim Chui. May isang beses pa na pinagawa kami ng keychain gamit ang coconut shell tapos yung ginawa ko heart na may nakalagay na “Kim”. Isa-isang sinasauli yung mga keychain after macheck ng teacher namin, tapos nung tinatawag na yung akin, tinawag ba naman yung Kim. Eh nasa may unahan nun si J, tinakpan ko ba naman mata nya. Sobrang gulat sya kung bakit ko ginawa yun. Naisip ko kasi dati na nakakahiya na fan ako ni Kim since kahawig nya si Kim? Anong connect? Nakakatawa pa din. Pero ngayon, di na ako nagfafangirl kay Kim. Ito din palang kantang to ang themesong nung unang serye nila paglabas sa PBB kasama yung ibang Teen Housemates.

Puso by Sponge Cola
May pinapanood kaming TV Show na panghapon ‘nung High School ako na nakalimutan ko na kung ano basta alam ko lang nagbabasketball yung bida. Pinipilit ko talagang umuwi ng maaga para lang mapanood yun. Dadating ako lagi na puno yung bahay namin kasi andun lahat ng mga kalaro ng kapatid ko nanonood din. Kapag naririnig ko ‘tong kantang ‘to naalala ko yung mga palabas sa TV na inaantay namin sa hapon bago ang local TV news. Mga anime, mga asianovelas. Nakakamiss din.

Mga senyales ng pagiging hayok ko sa human interactions:

  1. Kahit na kakakain ko palang, kapag nag-aaya ang mga officemates ko na bumili ng lunch or dinner, sumasama ako. Bumibili ako ng pagkain na di ko naman gusto kasi yun gusto nila tapos di ko naman nauubos kahit na dati okay lang ako kahit na maghapon akong nasa upuan lang.
  2. Last Sunday, may trabaho si S. 12nn – 6pm ang shift nya. Bandang 5:30pm, dali-dali akong bumaba, dala-dala ang ilang linggo ko nang binabasang kopya ng “A Strangeness in My Mind”. Inantay ko si S na dumating. Hindi ko din alam kung bakit. Siguro gusto ko lang yung feeling na may inaantay? Ayun, hanggang 8:30 ako sa baba, umakyat din naman agad sya pagdating nya.
  3. Sa tuwing umuuwi ako gabi-gabi, bago ko buksan ang mumunti naming gate, lagi ko sinisilip kung bukas ang ilaw sa baba. Ibig kasi sabihin nun may tao pa na nasa kusina at may madadatnan pa ako. Hindi ko din ulit alam kung para saan? Para ba may kakwentuhan ako? Ewan. Lagi din namang patay ang ilaw at aakyat din naman ako pagdating ko para matulog.