September 2020: Yarn Stash

I finished way moooreee amigurumis than Asana tasks this month. It doesn’t make me that happy because the more amigurumis I make, means lesser tasks at work. Lesser tasks at work means more overthinking. Overthinking means escaping to K-drama land. K-drama and K-variety shows is my background noise when I do amigurumis. In short, this month, I had a lot of time to spare for shitty, unimportant things. So here’s a stash of my unproductivity:

  1. Tiny Animals
See pattern here

2. Piglet

See pattern here

3. Pink Turtle

See pattern here

4. Totoro

See pattern here

5. Pucca

See pattern here

6. Cheeky Eggs and Chicks

See pattern for the cheeky eggs and the chicks

7. Bigger Chick with a hat

See pattern here

My phone doesn’t have a high-end camera and I’m not good at editing. I’m disappointed with the photo, they look way cuter in person.

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