The Lunch S01EP02

It’s another month, therefore another birthday lunch celebration. J didn’t go to the office today, that’s why an hour before lunch time, I’m already having an anxiety as to what the hell to do. Should I ditch it? Should I pretend dead? Should I just go and just leave my soul somewhere?

Ten mins later, R tapped me on the shoulder apparently inviting me or giving me a signal that it’s time to go. I stayed though and pretend I didn’t hear anything or that I didn’t get whatever he’s trying to say. Suddenly, people were standing from their workstations, preparing to go out while I’m still stuck on my seat, undecided as to what to do while my loud music is banging in my ears separating me from reality. I decided that if someone asked me again to go, then I’ll go but at the same time I’m trying to be so small and invisible that they won’t be able to notice my absence. They didn’t see me though.

Thirty minutes after they were all gone, I received a Skype message and a call asking me where I am. Those bitches! Of course I’m in the f*ckin office. I never thought I’ll get slightly hurt just because they forgot about me. But I’m fine in a general conscientious because I managed to stay out of the disaster. I don’t want to spend my lunch in those familiar awkwardness. I would rather dine in here with my packed lunch in solitude. Did I think I miss something? I don’t think so. Well let’s see till they’re here coz it’s definitely a series of awkward exchange of me telling them I’m definitely okay.


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  1. Jolens says:

    Hala Yerxen ganitong-ganito rin ako! Inis na inis ako tuwing may team lunch! Naiwan din ako one time, pero parang ikaw din — parang ako rin ‘yung may kasalanan kasi medj pabebe, choz, pero ultimately gusto ko lang talaga umiwas sa awkwardness ng pakikipag-socialize. Nakaka-stress talaga ‘yung moment bago magsi-alisan ang lahat! 😦 Haaay. Anong problema natin? Bakit tayo nag-iinflict ng unnecessary stress sa mga sarili natin? Hahahuhu.


    1. Mochichi says:

      Nakakapagod din kasi minsan yung socialization ano? Pero ang laking kaluwagan sa puso pag nakakaiwas sa ganitong awkward situations. Pabebe nga lang ng slight haha. Ano nga bang problema natin? Pero nakita ko sa mga recent posts mo, mukhang mas mahirap yung work mo kasi parang kailangan mo nga humarap sa tao. Mas nakakadagdag ng stress ata yan. Fighting! Cheers nalang sa beer!

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      1. Jolens says:

        Truth. Ang saya kapag hindi kailangang mapilitang makihalubilo sa mga tao. 😦 Sa trabaho ko hindi naman necessarily socialization, minsan hindi ko rin sila nakikita, email at tawag lang. Pero ang hirap, kapagod makitungo hahahuhu. Cheers sa beer! Ikaw pala si Mochichi! 😀

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