Snail Mail

So I tried this app named Slowly. It’s like a Digital Snail Mail. You’ll exchange a mail with someone, a pen pal kind of way but depending on his location and distance away from you, you’ll have to wait hours and even days before your recipient can read your mail. For example, I sent an email to someone who lives in UK and I have to wait for a day in order for it to be received and read and if ever that someone replies, I have to wait for another day also. Easier for sending it to someone from Singapore, I only have to wait for 7 hours.

I’m actually hesitant to try this out since most of these types of apps nowadays are almost like Tinder and I only stumbled upon it because it’s on my Recommended apps after installing a ton of idle games in my phone. After sending a few mails out and receiving some replies, I’m actually having fun since most people are usually just sharing about their hobbies and interests.

I’ve been exchanging few mails and we mainly talked about music which includes a variety of indie pieces from Japan and Korea and I had another convo with someone who likes Dan Brown’s pieces and is open on recommending me other books may it be fiction or non-fiction.

It’s making me excited knowing that few hours from now, there’s a new mail waiting me for me to be read. And did I say you can seal your letter with a stamp too? Yay!


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  1. bessclef says:

    I’ve been looking at this app myself but have my reservations for the same reasons you had. It’s good to know that this may not be the case.

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